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Big Oval Tray

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All our products are handmade of jesmonite that is harmless to people and the environment!

This is the best personalised gifts for all occasions. Accessorise your home with these gorgeous items. 

Material: Jesmonite, Size: 17cm x 28cm, Weight: 556 gm

Special Note:

Items are coated with non-toxin wax. Every item is unique, the colour and pattern may vary from what is pictured. Please allow 2-3cm error due to manual measurement. Processing Takes 1-2 Days and Delivery Needs 2-4 Days.

Is jesmonite food safe?

No, you shouldn’t use jesmonite for direct food storage like bowls or plates. But it’s non-toxic, so fruit bowls, platters (for food in wrappers) or similar are all on the table – metaphorically speaking. It also isn’t microwave- or dishwasher-safe.

Is it heat-resistant?

Only partly, so don’t use it for making trivets for hot pans. But it’s fine in direct sunlight or generally warm environments.

Is jesmonite chip-resistant?

It’s sturdy, but not as hard as substances like granite or quartz. So it shouldn’t be used in flooring, chopping boards or kitchen worktops. But for the tops of occasional tables, trays, jewellery and other decor items, it will stand up well. And because the colour is throughout rather than painted on the surface, even it chips it will still look good.

Is jesmonite water-proof?

Let’s say splash-proof. Once sealed, you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth and use it somewhere it may occasionally get damp, but it shouldn’t be left in standing water – so vases or plant pots should have a waterproof liner to protect the jesmonite.